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Look at Awareness

by Art Ticknor

To know the self, look at awareness.

To become your own reliable authority, look at any belief or assertion until its relative truthfulness becomes intuitively obvious.

The following assertions are meant to be verified or invalidated in that way. They build on their predecessors, so each one needs to be looked at without moving on until its truthfulness has been established – but not merely by agreement, not by discursive logic alone or by feeling alone, but by that mysterious refinement of feeling and reason which is higher intuition.

  • You are what's observing. (True or false?)
  • You are what's aware. (True or false?)
  • You are what you're looking out from. (True or false?)

If you've breezed through the above items (as I would have been likely to do) possibly with the half-thought of going into them sometime later, what can I say. It's more of the same, which maintains the status quo.

  • Where do all the objects (people, chairs, thoughts, feelings, and so on) that you're aware of appear?
    • On a mental viewing screen?
  • What are the features of that screen?
    • No features ... blank ... no edges ... unchanging?

If you've given the old college try to looking into these questions and have stopped at an "I don't know" roadblock or an "I don't know how to do it" belief block, you may find it productive to turn the light of looking onto the assumed blockage. Given an algebraic equation, I may honestly conclude I don't know the answer when I first scan it. But I have the conviction that, if I put forth sufficient effort, I could solve it. Of course sufficient effort in that case may involve days or years of mathematical studies. What is your "I don't know" or "I don't know how" really saying?

  • When you look back at what you're looking out from, what do you see?
    • Empty space ... a blank screen with no features?
  • The screen that objects appear on and the awareness that you're looking out from are one and the same. (True or false?)
  • There is only one awareness. (True or false?)
  • The fact that you know you're aware is a revelation of the fact that awareness is self-aware. (True or false?)

What looks at awareness?

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