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Articles & Excerpts
Short essays and excerpts on psychological, philosophical, metaphysical and everyday life issues by current and past authors from eastern and western cultures.

Books & Audio/Video Sources
Links to books and audio/video material used as references in building this site. Amazon links show new and used prices as a starting point for comparison shopping.

A collection of favorite photos, by the author and other photographers. Other photographers are credited when their identities are known.

A collection of favorite poems: inspirational and confrontational poems relating to self-inquiry.

An archive of favorite micro-quotes that appeared on the Self-Discovery Portal home page as quotes of the month. (Note that "month" is used loosely and really means "inspiration period.")

Video Clips
A selection of short video clips related to the big questions of life and death from a variety of sources. These all appear on unless otherwise noted.

Web Sites
A short list of sites that I find the most relevant to the search for the answer to the question that opens the door to existential completion: Who or what am I?

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