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Another Way
by Art Ticknor

Adventure Time season 3 episode 12A - Another Way

How do I get there … "there" being the place of completion?
I know it has to be within, that I have to somehow go, sink or dive within.

But what strategy makes the most sense?
Do I adopt a contemplative tradition, like one of the Catholic or Buddhist ways?

If so, as a full-scale monk or as a layman?
Or do I look for an enlightened teacher, and dedicate my life to his or her tutelage?

Or do I remain independent, picking techniques
Recommended by teachers who appeal to me

And practicing them as long as they seem to be producing results?
Or is there another way? Could I let the mind find the way, like the amazing true stories

Of dogs and cats and aborigine girls finding their ways home?
Is there an innate sensor that will find the path if it's my top priority?

Can I feel "the call" – the voice of nostalgia, the call to come Home?
Since it must be coming from Home, could its music lead me there?

Do I need to have a map and complete directions
Before I start the rest of the journey from here to there?

Or do I merely need guidance for the next step?
Will the necessary guidance always be posted in plain sight

Where I can't miss it, or do I need to be vigilant?
If I don't hear or see or feel the guidance for the next step,

Can I receive it by asking where It is …
Then listening as if for the echo from a sonar ping?

Does the mind have a homing device?
If so, can the mind be trained to pay attention to it?

If Home is the abode of our highest state of being, is prayer a progressive form of
tuning in to the homing device until we've completed the return trip to our source?

Let us work and pray together and separately,
Let us ask and pay attention together and separately,

Until we recognize the Truth.
Until we and the Truth are One.

The above poem of questions is from a November 2010 group retreat.
The graphic is from Adventure Time season 3 episode 12A – Another Way.

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